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Rubber - Identification - Infrared spectrometric method

  • This norm is withdrawn since 13-12-2012

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Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 40
Committee Rubber
Published on 15-09-2005
Language English
This International Standard specifies a method for the identification of rubbers, including thermoplastic elastomers, either in the raw state or in the form of vulcanized or unvulcanized mixes. The method is based on infrared spectrometric examination using the transmission technique. The method comprises examination of polymers by their pyrolysis products (pyrolysates), or by films cast from solution or obtained by moulding (for raw rubbers only). Typical spectra are given in Annex A. The principle of the method implies that sample preparation and analysis of the infrared spectra are carried out by experienced personnel and that the equipment used for the production of spectra is operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for optimum performance. Details of the operation of infrared spectrometers are not included in this International Standard. The method specified is a qualitative method only.


ICS-code 83.060
Dutch title Rubber - Identificatie - Infra-rood spectrometrische methode
English title Rubber - Identification - Infrared spectrometric method
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