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Plastics - Thermoplastic silage films and tubes for use in agriculture

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Status Current
Number of pages 20
Committee Kunststoffen
Published on 01-03-2018
Language English
NEN-EN 13207 specifies the requirements related to dimensional, mechanical and optical characteristics of thermoplastic films and tubes used during the manufacture of silage and designed to last at least one year for protecting fodder. It specifies a classification for the durability of silage films and the test methods referred to in this standard. This European Standard is applicable to transparent, black, white or coloured (e.g. black/white) thermoplastic silage films based on polyethylene, ethylene copolymer, EVOH and polyamide. These films are intended for covering bunker silos, silage tubes or silage clamps for preserving forage. They protect the forage and preserve it from rain and air. These films are not intended to cover bales piles (e.g. straw bales and hay bales). Silage films obtained by sealing two or more films in machine direction are out of the scope of this document. This European Standard also defines installation, use and removal conditions of silage films. It defines the conventional useful lifetime, as well as rules that allow evaluating the remaining use potential in the event of a failure before the normal end-of-use date.


ICS-code 65.040.20
Dutch title Kunststoffen - Thermoplastische buizen en foliƫn voor kuilvoeder voor toepassing in de landbouw
English title Plastics - Thermoplastic silage films and tubes for use in agriculture

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