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Railway applications - Requirements for ERTMS Trackside Boards

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Status Current
Number of pages 17
Committee Spoorwegen
Published on 01-04-2015
Language English
NEN-EN 16494 defines the requirements for the provision, visibility, readability, maintenance and testing of a specific set of ERTMS trackside boards associated with the following DMI and ETCS track conditions: - ETCS stop marker; - ETCS location marker, the trackside ETCS signal to identify a specific location on the line; - level transition, corresponding to transitions between ETCS levels; - lower pantograph; - pantograph lowered; - raise pantograph; - neutral section announcement; - neutral section; - end of neutral section; - GSM-R network border marker. This European Standard includes the arrangement of the boards and their interface with existing systems (track, cab design including cab sight lines, visibility by the driver and train head lamps).


ICS-code 03.220.30
Dutch title Railtoepassingen - Eisen voor langs het spoor geïnstalleerde ERTMS borden
English title Railway applications - Requirements for ERTMS Trackside Boards

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