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Gas-fired instantaneous water heaters for the production of domestic hot water

  • This norm is withdrawn since 29-05-2015


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Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 168
Committee CV- en warmwatertoestellen
Published on 01-03-2012
Language English
This European Standard defines the specifications and test methods concerning the construction, safety, rational use of energy and fitness for purpose, and also the classification and marking of gas-fired instantaneous water heaters for sanitary uses, hereafter called "water heaters". This European Standard applies to water heaters : - of types AAS, B11, B11BS, B12, B12BS, B13, B13BS, B14, B22, B23, B32, B33, B44, B52, B53, C11, C12, C13, C21, C22, C23, C32, C33, C42, C43, C52, C53, C62, C63, C72, C73, C82and C83,1) ; - fitted with atmospheric burners ; - equipped with atmospheric burners assisted by a fan for the supply of combustion air or evacuation of combustion products or fully premix burners ; - using one or more combustible gases corresponding to the three gas families and at the pressures stated in accordance to EN 437 ; - of nominal heat input not exceeding 70 kW ; - with an ignition burner or with direct ignition of the main burner. This European standard applies to type C2) water heaters as listed in accordance to Technical Report CEN/TR 1749 : - types C1, C3 and C5 water heaters including their combustion air supply and combustion products evacuation ducts and their terminal(s) ; - types C2 and C4 water heaters including their connection ducts but without the shared duct system ; this shared duct system is part of the building ; - type C6 water heaters without any ducts ; the ducts are separately approved and marketed ; - type C7 water heaters up to the draught diverter/air inlet but without the secondary flue ; - type C8 water heaters with their connecting ducts but without the chimney, which is part of the building. In this European Standard, the heat inputs are expressed in relation to the net calorific value (Hi).


ICS-code 91.140.10
Dutch title Met gas gestookte huishoudelijke warmwaterdoorstroomtoestellen voor de productie van heet water voor huishoudelijk gebruik
English title Gas-fired instantaneous water heaters for the production of domestic hot water
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Normative references
  • 2009/142/EG, Gastoestellen

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