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Weibull analysis

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Status Current
Number of pages 68
Published on 01-11-2008
Language English
This International Standard provides methods for analysing data from a Weibull distribution using continuous parameters such as time to failure, cycles to failure, mechanical stress, etc. This standard is applicable whenever data on strength parameters, e.g. times to failure, cycles, stress, etc. are available for a random sample of items operating under test conditions or in-service, for the purpose of estimating measures of reliability performance of the population from which these items were drawn. This standard is applicable when the data being analysed are independently, identically distributed. This should either be tested or assumed to be true (see IEC 60300-3-5). In this standard, numerical methods and graphical methods are described to plot data, to make a goodness-of-fit test, to estimate the parameters of the two- or three-parameter Weibull distribution and to plot confidence limits. Guidance is given on how to interpret the plot in terms of risk as a function of time, failure modes and possible weak population and time to first failure or minimum endurance.


ICS-code 03.120.01
Dutch title Weibull analyse
English title Weibull analysis

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