NEN-ISO 15243:2004 en

Rolling bearings - Damage and failures - Terms, characteristics and causes

  • This norm is withdrawn since 18-04-2017

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Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 41
Published on 01-02-2004
Language English
This International Standard defines, describes and classifies the characteristics, changes in appearance and possible causes of failure of rolling bearings, occurring in service. It will assist in the understanding of the various forms of change in appearance and the failure that has occurred. For the purposes of this International Standard the term "failure of rolling bearings" means the result of a defect or any damage that prevents the bearing meeting the intended design performance. Consideration is restricted to characteristic forms of change in appearance and failure, which have a well-defined appearance and which can be attributed to particular causes with a high degree of certainty. The features of particular interest for explaining changes and failures are described. The various forms are illustrated with photographs and diagrams, and the most frequent causes are indicated. The failure mode designations shown in the subclause titles are recommended for general use, but similar expressions or synonyms are given within parentheses below the titles. Examples of rolling bearing failures are given in Annex A, together with a description of the causes of failure and proposed corrective actions.


ICS-code 21.100.20
Dutch title Wentellagers - Beschadigingen en defecten - Termen, eigenschappen en oorzaken
English title Rolling bearings - Damage and failures - Terms, characteristics and causes
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