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Language resource management - Syntactic annotation framework (SynAF)

  • This norm is withdrawn since 17-02-2014

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Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 18
Published on 01-10-2010
Language English
This International Standard describes the syntactic annotation framework (SynAF), a high level model for representing the syntactic annotation of linguistic data, with the objective of supporting interoperability across language resources or language processing components. This International Standard is complementary and closely related to ISO 24611 (MAF, morpho-syntactic annotation framework) and provides a metamodel for syntactic representations as well as reference data categories for representing both constituency and dependency information in sentences or other comparable utterances and segments.


ICS-code 01.020
Dutch title Beheer van talige hulpmiddelen en bronnen - Syntactisch annotatiekader (SynAF)
English title Language resource management - Syntactic annotation framework (SynAF)
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