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Petroleum and natural gas industries - Arctic operations - Ice management

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Status Current
Number of pages 94
Committee Arctic Operations
Published on 01-10-2018
Language English
NEN-ISO 35104 establishes the principles, specifies the requirements and provides guidance for ice management (IM) in arctic and cold regions, from the point of view of planning, engineering, implementation and documentation. Reference to arctic and cold regions in this document is deemed to include both the Arctic and other regions characterized by low ambient temperatures, sea ice, icebergs and icing conditions. These regions are often remote and lacking in marine and communications infrastructure. Ice management to support the following in-ice activities and infrastructures are covered by this document: - floating moored and/or dynamically positioned drilling vessels, coring vessels, production facilities and work-over vessels; - construction and installation (includes trenching, dredging, pipe laying); - tanker loading and other offloading operations; - protecting subsea structures and equipment; - seismic operations; - oil spill response; - bottom founded structures (fixed platforms and movable structures, including jack-ups). This document also applies to mobilization, demobilization and construction support services, because these can be affected by ice conditions.


ICS-code 75.020
Dutch title Aardolie- en aardgasindustrie - Bedrijfsvoering in Arctisch gebied - IJsmanagement
English title Petroleum and natural gas industries - Arctic operations - Ice management

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