NEN-ISO 8798:1988 en

Acoustics - Reference levels for narrow-band masking noise

  • This norm is withdrawn since 06-01-1999

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Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 0
Committee Akoestiek
Published on 01-07-1988
Language English
This International Standard specifies reference levels for the calibration of narrow-band masking noise presented by air conduction from an earphone in pure tone audiometry. The data are given in terms of levels to be added to the reference equivalant threshold sound levels for the cooresponding pure-tone frequencies when the masking earphone is placed on the appropriate acoustic coupler or artificial ear. Data are given for noise bandwidths of one-third and one-half octaves. Some notes on the derivaton of the reference levels are given in the annex.


ICS-code 13.140
Dutch title Akoestiek - Referentie-geluiddrukniveau van smalbandig maskeergeluid bij audiometrisch onderzoek
English title Acoustics - Reference levels for narrow-band masking noise

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