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Information technology - Remote operations: Concepts, model and notation

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Status Current
Number of pages 37
Published on 01-10-1995
Language English
Specifies the Remote Operations Service (ROS) using the Abstract Syntax Notation (ASN.1) to define information object classes corresponding to the fundamental concepts of ROS. This, in turn, provides the notation that will allow application designers to specify particular instances of these classes. Also provides a collection of definitions for specifying thegenric protocol between obtects that comminicate using ROS concepts. These definitions are used in the companion Recommendations/International Standards to this one to provide the protocol data units, the serviceprimitives and the application context definitions used in the OSI realization of ROS. A number of definitions of general utility to designers of ROS0based applications is also provided. No requirements is made for conformance to this Recommendation/International Standard.


ICS-code 35.240.20
Dutch title Informatietechnologie - Bediening op afstand: Concepten, model en notatie
English title Information technology - Remote operations: Concepts, model and notation
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