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Information technology - Method of measuring gloss uniformity on printed pages

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Number of pages 28
Committee Kantoormachines
Published on 01-04-2007
Language English
The scope of this International Standard is to define methods and processes of measuring objective printquality attributes for the assessment of gloss non-uniformity on printed pages in reflection mode, and to provide transforms, when applicable, that relate the objective results to subjective responses, if appropriate. There are many existing standards (see Normative references and Bibliography for details) typically used for gloss measurement. Our intent is to leverage the existing standards and adapt those for use on gloss uniformity measurements where appropriate. This International Standard is composed of a standardized test methodology, which is based on established gloss measurement methodologies as noted in Clause 2 and in the Bibliography. The methodologies have been modified so that, when applied to printed pages created by different marking technologies and imaging algorithms on different substrates, the results indicate the level of the objective gloss uniformity of the printed pages (in reflection mode). If the objective measurement can be linked to the subjective impression of gloss uniformity, then the linkage from objective measurement to subjective impression via mathematical transforms is provided. The reflection prints that are to be used as the subject of these tests can be created via printers or copiers (analog and digital). This International Standard should be applied only to electro-photographic bases prints. When more reflection prints made by other printing technologies become available for follow-up study, one may consider including those printing technologies in this International Standard as a revision. This International Standard does not address the measurement of gloss attributes of printed pages in transmission mode. Gloss uniformity attributes currently included in this International Standard are: differential gloss, gloss uniformity within a page, and gloss consistency within a run. Due to the current level of immaturity of commercially available objective micro-gloss measurement instruments, gloss artefact attributes (such as gloss grain, gloss spot, gloss streak, gloss band, gloss mottle/cloud, gloss moiré) are not included in this International Standard at the present time, since instrumented measurement procedure cannot be recommended at present. As instrumented measurement capability becomes available, they will be considered for adoption into this International Standard as a revision.


ICS-code 37.100.10
English title Information technology - Method of measuring gloss uniformity on printed pages

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