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Information technology - Security techniques - Check character systems

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Status Current
Number of pages 13
Committee Informatiebeveiliging, Cyber security en Privacy
Published on 01-04-2003
Language English
1 Scope 1.1 This International Standard specifies a set of check character systems capable of protecting strings against errors which occur when people copy or type data. The strings may be of fixed or variable length and may have character sets which are a) numeric (10 digits: 0 to 9); b) alphabetic (26 letters: A to Z); and c) alphanumeric (letters and digits). Embedded spaces and special characters are ignored. 1.2 This International Standard specifies conformance requirements for products described as generating check characters or checking strings using the systems given in this International Standard. 1.3 These check character systems can detect: a) all single substitution errors (the substitution of a single character for another, for example "4234" for "1234).; b) all or nearly all single (local) transposition errors (the transposition of two single characters, either adjacent or with one character between them, for example "12354" or "12543" for "12345.); c) all or nearly all circular shift errors (circular shifts of the whole string to the left or right); d) a high proportion of double substitution errors (two separate single substitution errors in the same string, for example "1234587" for "1234567)"; and e) a high proportion of all other errors. 1.4 This International Standard excludes systems designed specifically to: a) permit both error detection and automatic correction; b) detect deliberate falsification; and c) check strings interchanged solely between machines. 1.5 This International Standard is for use in information interchange between organizations. It is also strongly recommended for use in internal information systems.


ICS-code 35.030
English title Information technology - Security techniques - Check character systems

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