NEN-ISO/IEC/IEEE 26511:2011 (Cor. 2012-03) en

Systems and software engineering - Requirements for managers of user documentation

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Status Current
Number of pages 45
Committee Software and systems engineering
Published on 01-03-2012
Language English
This International Standard supports the needs of software users for consistent, complete, accurate, and usable documentation. It provides requirements for strategy, planning, performance, and control for documentation managers. It specifies procedures for managing user documentation throughout the software life cycle. It also includes requirements for key documents produced for user documentation management, including documentation plans and documentation management plans. This International Standard provides an overview of the software documentation and information management processes which are specialized for user documentation in this International Standard. It also presents aspects of portfolio planning and content management for user documentation. Specifically, it addresses the following: - management requirements in starting a project, including setting up procedures and specifications, establishing infrastructure, and building a team, with examples of roles needed on a user documentation team; - measurements and estimates needed for management control; - the application of management control to user documentation work; - the use of supporting processes such as change management, schedule and cost control, resource management, quality management and process improvement. The works listed in the Bibliography provide guidance on the processes of managing, preparing, and testing user documentation. In this corrected version, the cover pages, front matter, page headers and footers have been corrected to reflect that ISO/IEC/IEEE 26511 is a joint development project under the Partner Standards Development Organization cooperation agreement between ISO and IEEE.


ICS-code 35.080
English title Systems and software engineering - Requirements for managers of user documentation

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