NTA 8080:2009 nl

Sustainability criteria for biomass for energy purposes

  • This norm is withdrawn since 21-12-2015

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Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 44
Committee Duurzaamheidscriteria voor biomassa
Published on 01-03-2009
Language Dutch
This NTA describes the requirements for sustainable biomass for energy purposes (power, heat & cold and transportation fuels). With biomass is meant solid as well as liquid and gaseous biofuels.The sustainability requirements as described in clause 5 of this NTA apply to organisations which produce the primary biomass. An exception on this is the provision of 5.2.1 (greenhouse gas balance), which applies to all organisations who belong to the whole bio-energy chain, from cultivation to end use. This NTA is intended to be applied at organisations that: - want to produce biomass for energy purposes and to sell this as sustainably produced; - want to convert biomass and sell this as sustainably obtained and sustainably converted; - want to trade and/or transport biomass and have to demonstrate that (a part of) the charge is produced, converted and obtained as sustainable; - want to use (converted) biomass for generation of energy or as transportation fuel (pure or blend) and shall demonstrate that (a part of) the biomass is produced, converted and obtained as sustainable. Requirements can be excluded from assessment, when the organisation can explain with proof that the requirement(s) is (are) not applicable. The certifying body is responsible for the determination if a criterion for application may be excluded. For small-holders it applies that they are released for the provisions of 5.1.3 (Consultation of stakeholders), 5.6 (Prosperity), 5.7.1 (Working conditions), 5.7.4 (Contribution to social well-being of local population) and 5.7.5 (Integrity of the company). For the purpose of certification small-holders can use group certification, as described in 6.3.


ICS-code 75.160.10
Dutch title Duurzaamheidscriteria voor biomassa ten behoeve van energiedoeleinden
English title Sustainability criteria for biomass for energy purposes

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