NVN 5633:1991 nl

Radioactivity measurements - Sampling of vegetables and fruit

  • This norm is withdrawn since 01-02-2009

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About norm

Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 6
Committee Radioactiviteit - Toepassing en meten
Published on 01-11-1991
Language Dutch
This pre-standard describes the sampling of vegetables and fruit for consumption for the purpose of radioactivity measurements. Mushrooms, herbs and capers, etc. can also be sampled in accordance with this pre-standard. The pre-standard can be used for sampling in the field or of already harvested products (e.g. shops, auctions, ports). To determine the deposition a grass sample is used, see NVN 5624. The samples taken can be used for various measurements, after possible sample preparation in accordance with NVN 5634.


ICS-code 17.240
Dutch title Radioactiviteitsmetingen - Monsterneming van groenten en fruit
English title Radioactivity measurements - Sampling of vegetables and fruit
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