Guidance on self-declaration NEN-ISO 26000 and Publication Platform ISO 26000

ISO 26000:2010 has the nature of guidance and is therefore not appropriate and explicitly not intended for certification. Nevertheless, organizations have an increasing desire to show that they are applying ISO 26000.

This is why the NEN Standards Committee on Social Responsibility has developed the Dutch code of practice NPR 9026.

NPR 9026 enables organizations to communicate that the principles and guidance in ISO 26000 are fully and seriously applied. Ten pilot organizations have tested NPR 9026 during the first half of 2011. All comments have been processed and on November 2nd, the final version of NPR 9026 has been published (see also the Summary Self-declaration ISO 26000/Code of practice NPR 9026). Besides this summary code a complete version in English is available as well.

Webtool NPR 9026

NEN is also developing a webtool to guide the user step by step to a self-declaration. This webtool is a digital version of NPR 9026 containing response fields for every question of NPR 9026. The webtool simplifies the process of drafting a self-declaration, including underlying evidence. The webtool will be launched in the first half of January 2012, for the moment in Dutch only.
Publication Platform ISO 26000

Simultaneously with the publication of NPR 9026 NEN launched a Publishing Platform ISO 26000. The aim of this platform is to provide a central overview of self-declarations and underlying evidence that have been realized with the process described in NPR 9026.
For organizations, this platform is an opportunity to present their SR performance. For governments, customers and other stakeholders it is a place where they can easily find, access, and compare the SR aspirations and performance of organizations.

International Guidance on self-declaration

NEN will present its experiences with the self-declaration and publication platform during the first International Workshop ISO 26000 on 7-8 November in Geneva. NEN will investigate whether there is support to develop an international guidance for stating the application of ISO 26000 based on NPR 9026. Read more in the NEN White paper 'ISO 26000 Statement of application' that has been published in advance of this workshop.

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