NTA 8080 added to online database: Standards Map

30-05-2013 NTA 8080, the certification system for sustainable biomass, has been added to Standards Map, an interactive online database of over 100 voluntary standards. It has been developed by the International Trade Centre (ITC), a joint organization of the United Nations and World Trade Organization. Standards Map presents comprehensive and comparable information on voluntary standards with the aim to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters and buyers to participate in more sustainable production and trade. Companies can now use Standards Map to analyse, compare, review and understand the NTA 8080 requirements.

NTA 8080 has been designed for all types of biomass, including both biofuels and solid and gaseous biomass. It has been developed by a diverse group of stakeholders, including NGO's, universities, biomass producers and users, with the support of NEN, the Netherlands Standardization Institute. NTA 8080 has been recognized by the EU Commission as RED (Renewable Energy Directive) compliant in 2012. Based on the “Testing framework for sustainable biomass” - also known as ‘Cramer criteria’, NTA8080 covers six themes including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, competition with food production or other local applications, biodiversity, environmental and health and social welfare considerations.

Standards Map

The Standards Map platform offers an online "comparison tool" that enables users to make analyses, comparisons and reviews of sustainability standards and audit protocols using a unique set of social, environmental and economic criteria, audit best practices and good governance models. Standards Map users can save their settings online and share work with their social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

International Trade Centre (ITC)

The International Trade Centre (ITC), is a joint organization of the United Nations and World Trade Organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It has one goal: to help businesses become more competitive in global markets, speeding economic development and contributing to sustainable development. As part of this goal, ITC has developed the new web platform Standards Map.

More information

More information about the NTA 8080 certification system can be found on www.nta8080.org. Or you can contact NEN Energy Resources, Harmen Willemse, phone: +31(0)15 2 690 295, e-mail nta8080@nen.nl.
For more information on Standards Map, visit www.standardsmap.org. ITC Standards Map is one of the five web portals developed by the International Trade Centre to enhance the transparency of global trade and market access and to help users in their market analyses (Trade Map, Market Access Map, Investment Map, Trade Competitiveness Map and Standards Map). For more information about these tools, please visit www.intracen.org/marketanalysis.

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