ASME-B 30-20:2006 en

Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 54
Commissie Hefwerktuigen
Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2006
Taal Engels
Volume B30.20 includes provisions that apply to the marking, construction, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of below-the-hook lifting devices, other than slings, used for attaching loads to hoist. The devices are arranged in five chapters as follows: Chapter 20-1: Structural and Mechanical Lifting Devices; Chapter 20-2: Vacuum Lifting Devices; Chapter 20-3: Close Proximity Operated Lifting Magnets; Chapter 20-4: Remotely Operated Lifting Magnets; and Chapter 20-5: Scrap and Material Handling Grapples


ICS-code 53.020.99
Nederlandse titel Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices
Engelse titel Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices
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