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Standard Specification for Cast Tool Steel

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1.1 This specification covers tool steel compositions for usable shapes cast by pouring directly into suitable molds and for master heats for remelting and casting.

Note 1—A master heat is defined as any single heat of steel of certified analysis which has been processed into suitable form (shot, ingot, etc.) for remelting. A uniform blend of master heats is also acceptable for remelting. This blend is defined as a master heat lot and its average chemical composition shall be certified.

1.2 Nine grades, CA-2, CD-2, CD-5, CM-2, CS-5, CS-7, CH-12, CH-13, and CO-1, are covered in this specification.

Note 2—The committee formulating this specification has included air- and oil-hardening grades of tool steel that have been extensively used. Other compositions will be considered for inclusion as the need arises.


ICS-code 77.140.80
Engelse titel Standard Specification for Cast Tool Steel
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