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Standard Specification for Structural Silicone Sealants

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1.1 This specification describes the properties of cold liquid applied, single-component or multicomponent, chemically curing elastomeric structural silicone sealants herein referred to as the sealant. These sealants are intended to structurally adhere components of structural sealant glazing systems.

1.2 Only those properties for which there are industry-agreed-upon minimum acceptable requirements, as determined by available ASTM test methods, are described in this specification. Additional properties may be added as ASTM test methods for those properties become available.

1.3 The values stated in metric (SI) units are to be regarded as the standard. The values in parentheses are for information only.

1.4 Committee C24, with jurisdiction over this specification, is aware of two comparable standards by other organizations: ETAG No. 002 and the Chinese national standard GB16776.


Engelse titel Standard Specification for Structural Silicone Sealants
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