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Standard Specification for Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use in Concrete

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1.1 This specification covers coal fly ash and raw or calcined natural pozzolan for use in concrete where cementitious or pozzolanic action, or both, is desired, or where other properties normally attributed to fly ash or pozzolans may be desired, or where both objectives are to be achieved.

Note 1: Finely divided materials may tend to reduce the entrained air content of concrete. Hence, if a fly ash or natural pozzolan is added to any concrete for which entrainment of air is specified, provision should be made to ensure that the specified air content is maintained by air content tests and by use of additional air-entraining admixture or use of an air-entraining admixture in combination with air-entraining hydraulic cement.

(A) The use of Class F pozzolan containing up to 12.0 % loss on ignition may be approved by the user if either acceptable performance records or laboratory test results are made available.
(A) The strength activity index with portland cement is not to be considered a measure of the compressive strength of concrete containing the fly ash or natural pozzolan. The mass of fly ash or natural pozzolan specified for the test to determine the strength activity index with portland cement is not considered to be the proportion recommended for the concrete to be used in the work. The optimum amount of fly ash or natural pozzolan for any specific project is determined by the required properties of the concrete and other constituents of the concrete and is to be established by testing. Strength activity index with portland cement is a measure of reactivity with a given cement and is subject to variation depending on the source of both the fly ash or natural pozzolan and the cement.
(B) Meeting the 7 day or 28 day strength activity index will indicate specification compliance.
(C) If the fly ash or natural pozzolan will constitute more than 20 % by mass of the cementitious material in the project mixture, the test specimens for autoclave expansion shall contain that anticipated percentage. Excessive autoclave expansion is highly significant in cases where water to cementitious material ratios are low, for example, in block or shotcrete mixtures.
(A) Determination of compliance or noncompliance with the requirement relating to increase in drying shrinkage will be made only at the request of the purchaser.
(B) Fly ash or natural pozzolan shall be considered effective only when the fly ash or natural pozzolan is used at percentages, by mass, of the total cementitious material within 2 % of those that are successful in the test mixtures or between two percentages that are successful, and when the C3A content of the project cement is less than, or equal to, that which was used in the test mixtures. See Appendix X2 of Test Method C311/C311M.

1.2 The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as standard. No other units of measurement are included in this standard.

1.3 The text of this standard references notes and footnotes, which provide explanatory information. These notes and footnotes (excluding those in tables and figures) shall not be considered as requirements of the standard.

1.4 This international standard was developed in accordance with internationally recognized principles on standardization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recommendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.


ICS-code 91.100.30
Engelse titel Standard Specification for Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use in Concrete
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