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Standard Specification for Polyvinyl Acetate-Based Emulsion Adhesives

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1.1 This specification covers polyvinyl acetate or polyvinyl acetate copolymer resin emulsion adhesives suitable for use on wood, wood-based substrates, or plastic laminates. It does not cover the group of polyvinyl-based adhesives which are suitable for bonding flexible films.

1.2 The adhesives are classified at three performance levels in accordance with water-resistance as shown in Table 1 and Table 2. See Section 5 for a description of the expected exposure conditions for each class of adhesive. See Table X1.1 for a classification of typical end products that are manufactured using adhesives at the three performance levels covered by this specification.

1.3 The following index is provided as a guide to the test methods portion of this specification:


Engelse titel Standard Specification for Polyvinyl Acetate-Based Emulsion Adhesives
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