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Standard Terminology Relating to Body Dimensions for Apparel Sizing

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1.1 This standard is a compilation of terminology related to the body dimensions for necessary apparel sizing.

1.2 For definitions of other textile terms, refer to Terminology D 123.

1.3 The terms are listed in alphabetical order regardless of whether they are horizontal or vertical measurements. The three dimensional Avatars were created by Alvanon Inc. See Figs. 1-18.

FIG. 1 Body Measurements

FIG. 2 Upper Back Measurements

FIG. 3 Body Measurements

FIG. 4 Upper Body Meaurements

FIG. 5 Upper Body Meaurements

FIG. 6 Upper Body Meaurements

FIG. 7 Center Front Waist Length

FIG. 8 Center Back Waist Length

FIG. 9 Upper Body Measurements

FIG. 10 Back Measurements

FIG. 11 Upper Body Measurements

FIG. 12 Cervicale to Wrist Length

FIG. 13 Upper Body Measurements

FIG. 14 Arm Length (Bent Arm)

FIG. 15 Crotch Length (Total)

FIG. 16 Hand Width/ Hand Length

FIG. 17 Hand Girth

FIG. 18 Foot Length/Width


ICS-code 01.040.61
Engelse titel Standard Terminology Relating to Body Dimensions for Apparel Sizing
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