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Standard Practice for Surface Site Characterization for On-Site Septic Systems

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1.1 This practice covers procedures for the characterization of surface conditions at a site for evaluating suitability for an on-site septic system for disposal and treatment of wastewater. This practice provides a method for identifying potentially suitable areas for soil absorption of septic tank wastewater.

1.2 This practice can be used at any site where on-site treatment of residential and nonhazardous commercial wastewaters using septic tanks and natural soils or constructed filter beds is required or an option under consideration. This practice may also be useful when constructed wetlands are used as an alternative wastewater treatment method.

1.3 This practice should be used in conjunction with Practices D5921 and D5925.

1.4 This practice offers a set of instructions for performing one or more specific operations. This document cannot replace education or experience and should be used in conjunction with professional judgment. Not all aspects of this practice may be applicable in all circumstances. This ASTM standard is not intended to represent or replace the standard of care by which the adequacy of a given professional service must be judged, nor should this document be applied without consideration of a project''s many unique aspects. The word Standard in the title of this document means only that the document has been approved through the ASTM consensus process.


ICS-code 13.030.40
Engelse titel Standard Practice for Surface Site Characterization for On-Site Septic Systems
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