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Standard Specification for Jet B Wide-Cut Aviation Turbine Fuel

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1.1 This specification covers the use of purchasing agencies in formulating specifications for purchases of aviation turbine fuel under contract.

1.2 This specification defines one specific type of aviation turbine fuel for civil use. This fuel has advantages for operations in very low temperature environments compared with other fuels described in Specification D1655. This fuel is intended for use in aircraft that are certified to use such fuel.

Note 1The technical requirements of this product, at the time of the first publication of this specification, are substantially identical to the requirements of Jet B in Specification D1655.

1.3 This specification does not define the quality assurance testing and procedures necessary to ensure that fuel in the distribution system continues to comply with this specification after batch certification. Such procedures are defined elsewhere, for example in ICAO 9977, EI/JIG Standard 1530, JIG 1, JIG 2, API 1543, API 1595, and ATA-103.


ICS-code 27.060.10
Engelse titel Standard Specification for Jet B Wide-Cut Aviation Turbine Fuel
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