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Standard Guide for Proficiency Test Program for Fabrics

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1.1 This guide outlines the Proficiency Test Program for Fabrics. Elements for planning the proficiency test program, selecting the sample fabrics to be used, the testing protocol, and the calculations for the data to be reported are included in this practice.

1.2 The planning of the proficiency test program requires a general knowledge of testing of textile fabrics and statistical principles included in the analysis of the data.

1.3 This guide is designed to meet the quality systems proficiency and competence requirements of participating laboratories. This program is not accredited to any international standard.

1.4 The instructions in this guide follow the logic of full scale laboratory tests as described in Practice D2904 and Guide E1301, except with this new guide placing its emphasis on proficiency testing.

1.5 Procedures given in this guide are applicable to methods based on the measurement of discrete measurement data and grades or scores.


ICS-code 59.020
Engelse titel Standard Guide for Proficiency Test Program for Fabrics
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