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Standard Practice for Competence of Air Emission Testing Bodies

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1.1 This practice specifies the general requirements for competence to carry out sampling and analysis for air emissions tests of stationary sources. It covers testing and calibration performed using standard methods, non-standard methods and methods developed by the AETB.

1.2 This practice is applicable to all bodies engaged in air emission testing regardless of the number of personnel or the scope of testing activities. When an AETB does not undertake one or more of the activities covered by the practice such as developing test methods, the requirements of those clauses do not apply.

1.3 The notes given provide clarification of text, examples, and guidance. The notes do not contain requirements and do not form an integral part of this practice.

Note 1—ISO/IEC 17025 has been considered when elaborating this practice. It is to be noted that at the time of approval of this practice ISO/IEC 17025 was under revision. Several, but not all, statements of this practice are consistent with ISO/IEC 17025:1999.

Note 2—This practice is a specification for competence. It does not address accreditation or any activities specific to accreditation such as on-site inspections/audits by external assessors or proficiency testing.


ICS-code 13.040.01
Engelse titel Standard Practice for Competence of Air Emission Testing Bodies
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