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Standard Test Method for Calculated Flash Point from Simulated Distillation Analysis of Distillate Fuels

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1.1 This test method covers the calculated flash point formula, which represents a means for directly estimating the flash point temperature of distillate fuels from Test Method D2887 data. The value computed from the equation is termed the “calculated flash point.” The calculated flash point formula is applicable to diesel fuel samples based on a correlation to Test Method D93 over the range from 47 °C to 99 °C, and to jet fuel samples based on a correlation to Test Method D56 and Test Method D3828 over the range from 35 °C to 67 °C.

1.2 The calculated flash point formula is valid for diesel and jet fuels with an IBP between 90 °C and 162 °C (194 °F and 324 °F), Test Method D2887 5 % recovery temperature between 136 °C and 207 °C (277 °F and 405 °F), and Test Method D2887 10 % recovery temperature between 142 °C and 222 °C (288 °F and 432 °F). For each flash point test method (Test Method D56, Test Method D93, and Test Method D3828) a separate equation has been established. See 4.4 for a detailed overview of the simulated distillation IBP, 5 %, and 10 % ranges per equation.

1.3 A calculated diagnostic parameter, not exceeding a given threshold value, is a prerequisite for acceptance of the calculated flash point.

1.4 The diagnostic parameter MSPEX  (Mean Summed Prediction Error) checks the sample compliance, based on reconstruction of TIBP, T5 %, and T10 % of the sample, via a calculation procedure. A value for MSPEX not exceeding the threshold level of 1.9 °C is a prerequisite for accepting the calculated flash point, CFP.

Note 1: It is important to note that calculated flash point results, at this time, are not recognized by regulatory organizations in verifying conformance to applicable regulations.

Note 2: The calculated flash point derived from simulated distillation data depends upon the accuracy of determination of the IBP temperature and the 5 % and 10 % recovery temperatures.

Note 3: If the user''s specification requires a defined flash point test method other than this test method, neither this test method nor any other test method should be substituted for the prescribed test method without obtaining comparative data and an agreement from the specifier.

1.5 The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as the standard.

1.5.1 Exception—The values given in parentheses are for information only.

1.6 This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.


ICS-code 75.160.20
Engelse titel Standard Test Method for Calculated Flash Point from Simulated Distillation Analysis of Distillate Fuels



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