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Standard Specification for Preformed Architectural Strip Seals for Buildings and Parking Structures

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9.1 Architectural strip seals included in this specification shall be those:

9.1.1 Extruded as a membrane,

9.1.2 Extruded as tubular,

9.1.3 With frames,

9.1.4 With flanges mechanically secured,

9.1.5 With flanges chemically secured,

9.1.6 Used in interior or exterior applications, and

9.1.7 Used in any construction of the building.

9.2 This specification will give users, producers, building officials, code authorities, and others a basis for verifying material and performance characteristics of representative specimens under common test conditions. This specification will produce data on the following:

9.2.1 The physical properties of the fully cured elastomeric alloy, and

9.2.2 The movement capability in relation to the nominal joint width as defined under Test Method E1399/E1399M.

9.3 This specification compares similar architectural strip seals but is not intended to reflect the system''s application. “Similar” refers to the same type of architectural strip seal within the same subsection under 9.1.

9.4 This specification does not provide information on the following:

9.4.1 Durability of the architectural strip seal under actual service conditions, including the effects of cycled temperature on the strip seal;

9.4.2 Loading capability of the system and the effects of a load on the functional parameters established by this specification;

9.4.3 Shear and rotational movements of the specimen;

9.4.4 Any other attributes of the specimen, such as fire resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, air infiltration, watertightness, and so forth; and

Note 3This specification addresses fully cured elastomeric alloys. Test Methods D395, D573, D1052, and D1149 are tests better suited for evaluating thermoset materials.

9.4.5 Testing or compatibility of substrates.

9.5 This specification is intended to be used as only one element in the selection of an architectural strip seal for a particular application. It is not intended as an independent pass or fail acceptance procedure. Other standards shall be used in conjunction with this specification to evaluate the importance of other service conditions such as durability, structural loading, and compatibility.


ICS-code 91.100.50
Engelse titel Standard Specification for Preformed Architectural Strip Seals for Buildings and Parking Structures
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