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Standard Guide for Verifying Computer-Generated Test Results Through The Use Of Standard Data Sets

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1.1 This guide establishes a process for the verification of application software used to calculate the mechanical properties of materials.

1.2 This guide has two purposes: (1) it provides guidelines for creating standard data sets for verifying computer-generated test results, and (2) it describes how users can verify whether the calculations in their application software produce accurate, acceptable results. This does not ensure that the software will produce correct results in all cases. The verification is only for those conditions covered by the standard data sets. This guide uses the concept of standard data sets, which are made available by the ASTM groups responsible for each of the individual standards.

1.3 This guide defines the terminology, the format, and the process for the use of these data sets and how the data sets are to be used for verification. It does not define the specific data sets required to verify each of the application standards. Rather, such data sets would become a necessary part of the standard and would be classified as an adjunct in accord with the definition in section B29 of the Form and Style for ASTM Standards. This classifies an adjunct as any material that is required for use of the standard but is not practicable to publish as an integral part of the standard.

1.4 In Annex A1 there is an example of how such data sets would be made available for one example standard.

1.5 Because the verification data sets are contained in files supplied to the application software in the computer, this procedure only provides verification of post-test calculations performed by the computer system. It does not evaluate the data acquisition system, real-time calculations, or any other part of the software beyond the post-test calculations.


ICS-code 35.080
Engelse titel Standard Guide for Verifying Computer-Generated Test Results Through The Use Of Standard Data Sets
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