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Standard Guide for Application of Continuous Process Verification to Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2016
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1.1 This guide describes Continuous Process Verification as an alternate approach to process validation where manufacturing process (or supporting utility system) performance is continuously monitored, evaluated, and adjusted (as necessary). It is a science-based approach to verify that a process is capable and will consistently produce product meeting its predetermined critical quality attributes. Continuous Process Verification (ICH Q8) is similarly described as Continuous Quality Verification.

1.2 Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product manufacturing companies are required to provide assurance that the processes used to manufacture regulated products result in products with the specified critical quality attributes of strength identity and purity associated with the product safety and efficacy. Process validation is a way in which companies provide that assurance.

1.3 With the knowledge obtained during the product lifecycle, a framework for continuous quality improvements will be established where the following may be possible: (1) risk identified, (2) risk mitigated, (3) process variability reduced, (4) process capability enhanced, (5) process design space defined or enhanced, and ultimately (6) product quality improved. This can enable a number of benefits that address both compliance and operational goals (for example, real time release, continuous process improvement).

1.4 The principles in this guide may be applied to drug product or active pharmaceutical ingredient/drug substance pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical batch or continuous manufacturing processes or supporting utility systems (for example, TOC for purified water and water for injection systems, and so forth).

1.5 The principles in this guide may be applied during the development and manufacturing of a new process or product or for the improvement or redesign, or both, of an existing process.

1.6 Continuous process verification may be applied to manufacturing processes that use monitoring systems that provide frequent and objective measurement of process data in real time. These processes may or may not employ in-, on-, or at-line analyzers/controllers that monitor, measure, analyze, and control the process performance. The associated processes may or may not have a design space.

1.7 This guide may be used independently or in conjunction with other proposed E55 standards to be published by ASTM International.


ICS-code 03.120.10
Engelse titel Standard Guide for Application of Continuous Process Verification to Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing



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