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Standard Terminology Relating to Thermal Analysis and Rheology

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1.1 This terminology is a compilation of definitions of terms used in ASTM documents relating to thermal analysis and rheology. This terminology includes only those terms for which ASTM either has standards or is contemplating some action. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing of terms related to thermal analysis and rheology.

1.2 This terminology specifically supports the single-word form for terms using thermo as a prefix, such as thermoanalytical or thermomagnetometry, while recognizing that for some terms a two-word form can be used, such as thermal analysis. This terminology does not support, nor does it recommend, use of the grammatically incorrect, single-word form using thermal as a prefix, such as, thermalanalytical or thermalmagnetometry.

1.3 A definition is a single sentence with additional information included in a Discussion area. It is reviewed every five years.


ICS-code 01.040.17
Engelse titel Standard Terminology Relating to Thermal Analysis and Rheology
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