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Standard Guide for Estimating Oil Spill Recovery System Effectiveness

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1.1 This guide covers the key factors to consider in estimating the effectiveness of containment and recovery systems that may be used to assist in the control of oil spills on water.

1.2 The purpose of this guide is to provide the user with information on assessing the effective use of spill-cleanup equipment. It is intended for use by those involved in planning for and responding to oil spills.

1.3 Sections of this guide describe calculation procedures for estimating recovery system effectiveness. It should be understood that any such calculations cannot be expected to predict system performance, but are intended to provide a common basis for comparing system performance.

1.4 One of the main reasons that the calculation procedures cannot be used to predict system performance is that the analysis is sensitive to assumptions made on the properties of the oil slick, and particularly the changes in slick thickness and emulsification. It is emphasized that the purpose of this guide is not to provide a standard method for estimating slick property changes, but rather to provide a standard guide for using that information in comparing system performance.

1.5 The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as standard. No other units of measurement are included in this standard.


ICS-code 13.030.40
Engelse titel Standard Guide for Estimating Oil Spill Recovery System Effectiveness
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