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Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Pipe and Fittings for Roof Drain Systems

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2016
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1.1 This specification covers requirements for polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings for nonpressure roof drain systems.

1.2 This specification covers pipe and fittings intended for normal residential and commercial uses and is not intended for use in unusual corrosive conditions.

Note 1: Before installing pipe for waste disposal use, the approval of the cognizant building code authority shall be obtained as conditions not found in normal use or temperatures approaching 140°F (60°C) may be encountered.

1.3 Pipe is produced in dimensions based on outside diameters of 32 mm (1.250 in.) and larger in accordance with Specification F714.

1.4 The interchangeability of pipe and fittings made by different manufacturers is not addressed in this specification. Transition fittings for joining pipe and fittings of different manufacturers is provided for in this specification.

1.5 Pipe and fittings are joined by the heat-fusion method, by the electrofusion method, or by using mechanical joints (excluding insert fittings) recommended by the manufacturer.

1.6 In referee decisions, the SI units shall be used for metric-sized pipe and inch-pound units for pipe sized in the IPS system (ANSI B36.10). In all cases, the values given in parentheses are provided for information only.

1.7 The following safety hazards caveat pertains only to the test method, Section 7, of this specification. This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.


ICS-code 23.040.01
Engelse titel Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Pipe and Fittings for Roof Drain Systems



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