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Standard Guide for Characterization and Presentation of the Dimensional Attributes of Vascular Stents

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1.1 This guide covers the identification of and recommended measurement methods for those dimensional attributes of vascular stents that are deemed relevant to successful clinical performance. The delivery system packaged with and labeled specifically for use during the placement of the stent is also included within the scope of this guide.

1.2 This guide addresses only the dimensional characteristics of stents. Material property and stent functional characteristics are not addressed herein. All dimensional characteristics described in this guide refer to in vitro ("bench-top") characterization. Because of variable patient factors, for example, vessel compliance, the actual in vivo characteristics may be slightly different.

1.3 This guide includes recommendations generally applicable to balloon-expandable and self-expanding stents fabricated from metals and metal alloys. It does not specifically address any attributes unique to coated stents or polymeric or biodegradable stents, although the application of this guide to those products is not precluded.

1.4 While they are not specifically included within the scope of this guide, stents indicated for placement in nonvascular locations, such as the esophagus or bile duct, also might be characterized by the methods contained herein. Likewise, this guide does not include recommendations for endovascular grafts ("stent-grafts") or other conduit devices commonly used to treat aneurysmal disease or peripheral vessel trauma or to provide vascular access, although some information included herein may be applicable to those devices.

1.5 This guide does not include recommendations for balloon catheters sold as stand-alone angioplasty catheters, even though some of those catheters may be used for the delivery of unmounted stents supplied without a delivery system. Requirements for angioplasty catheters are contained in standards ISO 10555-1 and ISO 10555-4.

1.6 The units of measurements used throughout this guide reflect the hybrid system in common clinical use in the United States as of the time of the original approval of this guide. Since a primary purpose of this guide is to promote uniformity of labeling to facilitate the selection of devices by clinical users, the units most preferred by users were selected for this guide. Where those units are not SI units, or derivatives thereof, SI units are provided in parentheses.


ICS-code 11.040.20
Engelse titel Standard Guide for Characterization and Presentation of the Dimensional Attributes of Vascular Stents
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