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Standard Specification for Design of Weight-Shift-Control Aircraft

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1.1 This specification covers the minimum airworthiness standards a manufacturer shall meet in the designing, testing, and labeling of weight-shift-control aircraft.

1.2 This specification covers only weight-shift-control aircraft in which flight control systems do not use hinged surfaces controlled by the pilot.

Note 1—This section is intended to preclude hinged surfaces such as typically found on conventional airplanes such as rudders and elevators. Flexible sail surfaces typically found on weight-shift aircraft are not considered hinged surfaces for the purposes of this specification.

1.3 Weight-shift-control aircraft means a powered aircraft with a framed pivoting wing and a fuselage (trike carriage) controllable only in pitch and roll by the pilot''s ability to change the aircraft''s center of gravity with respect to the wing. Flight control of the aircraft depends on the wing''s ability to flexibly deform rather than the use of control surfaces.

1.4 This specification is organized and numbered in accordance with the bylaws established for Committee F37. The main sections are:


ICS-code 49.020
Engelse titel Standard Specification for Design of Weight-Shift-Control Aircraft
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