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Standard Safety Specification for Non-Integral Firearm Locking Devices

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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2010
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1.1 This specification covers non-integral locking devices used to increase safety on unloaded firearms.

1.2 This specification contains functional, operational, and safety requirements for non-integral firearm locking devices. Included are function descriptions, force tests, and surreptitious entry tests as set forth in Section 5.

1.3 The specification is intended to apply only to non-integral locks or locking mechanisms applied to, in, around, or about a firearm, either external to the firearm or by some method of introduction to or within the firearm. The specification is not intended to set evaluation standards by which safety levers, firing pin blocks, or other traditional discharge prevention mechanisms are evaluated, notwithstanding the fact that these mechanisms may prevent inadvertent discharge. This specification is not applicable to devices used for, or intended for, the prevention of theft or other intentional misuse of firearms.


ICS-code 95.020
Engelse titel Standard Safety Specification for Non-Integral Firearm Locking Devices
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