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Standard Practice for Paintball Player Safety Briefing

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1.1 This standard is intended to satisfy the demand for basic safety information, which should be understood by each paintball game participant prior to the start of the player’s first game on the day of play.

1.2 The information specifies rules of personal conduct, which might affect the safety of persons who are in close proximity to a paintball marker or a propellant gas storage vessel.

1.3 The information includes procedures to be followed by every person who is in, or near, an area where paintball is being played or paintballs are being shot, and to the use of safety equipment related to paintball game or paintball target shooting activities. These procedures are to be followed any time a paintball marker is being handled.

1.4 This standard is intended to be a useful tool for paintball game organizers, but it is not intended to eliminate the need for proper field operation, conforming to Specification F1777.


ICS-code 97.220.40
Engelse titel Standard Practice for Paintball Player Safety Briefing
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