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Standard Guide for Swiftwater/Flood Rescue Technician Basic

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2015
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1.1 This guide establishes the areas of expertise that Search and Rescue (SAR) Swiftwater/Flood Rescue Technician Basic (SWFT-Basic) personnel shall demonstrate in order to perform in, on, or around a Swiftwater environment.

1.1.1 Specifically, this guide defines the recommended training required to prepare SWFT-Basic personnel, or equivalent, for responding to or conducting shore-based Swiftwater and flood rescue operations.

1.1.2 This guide establishes the general areas of expertise that SWFT-Basic personnel shall demonstrate. This guide does not cover specialized types of Swiftwater/flood SAR, such as helicopter and boat-based rescues.

1.1.3 This guide also establishes the minimum training requirements.

1.2 This is the entry-level position for Swiftwater/flood responders.

1.3 SWFT-Basic personnel shall be able to recognize, reduce, eliminate, or mitigate, within the scope of their training, the hazards and risks in a Swiftwater or flood situation or environment and be able to request appropriate additional resources.

1.4 This guide identifies types of rescues, tactics, and systems that are typically used by SWFT-Basic personnel, such as shore-based rescues using talking, reaching, throwing, and wading methods.

1.5 SWFT-Basic personnel who have met the minimum qualifications and experience within this guide are capable of performing shore-based rescues and assisting with in-water rescues from the shore under qualified supervision.


ICS-code 13.200
Engelse titel Standard Guide for Swiftwater/Flood Rescue Technician Basic



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