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Standard Guide for Statistical Analysis of Service Life Data

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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2011
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1.1 This guide presents briefly some generally accepted methods of statistical analyses which are useful in the interpretation of service life data. It is intended to produce a common terminology as well as developing a common methodology and quantitative expressions relating to service life estimation.

1.2 This guide does not cover detailed derivations, or special cases, but rather covers a range of approaches which have found application in service life data analyses.

1.3 Only those statistical methods that have found wide acceptance in service life data analyses have been considered in this guide.

1.4 The Weibull life distribution model is emphasized in this guide and example calculations of situations commonly encountered in analysis of service life data are covered in detail.

1.5 The choice and use of a particular life distribution model should be based primarily on how well it fits the data and whether it leads to reasonable projections when extrapolating beyond the range of data. Further justification for selecting a model should be based on theoretical considerations.


ICS-code 13.020.60
Engelse titel Standard Guide for Statistical Analysis of Service Life Data



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