ASTM G40-15

Standard Terminology Relating to Wear and Erosion


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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 9
Commissie G02.91
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2015
Taal Engels

1.1 The terms and their definitions given herein represent terminology relating to wear and erosion of solid bodies due to mechanical interactions such as occur with cavitation, impingement by liquid jets or drops or by solid particles, or relative motion against contacting solid surfaces or fluids. This scope interfaces with but generally excludes those processes where material loss is wholly or principally due to chemical action and other related technical fields as, for instance, lubrication.

1.2 This terminology is not exhaustive; the absence of any particular term from this collection does not necessarily imply that its use within this scope is discouraged. However, the terms given herein are the recommended terms for the concepts they represent unless otherwise noted.

1.3 Certain general terms and definitions may be restricted and interpreted, if necessary, to make them particularly applicable to the scope as defined herein.

1.4 The purpose of this terminology is to encourage uniformity and accuracy in the description of test methods and devices and in the reporting of test results in relation to wear and erosion.

Note 1: All terms are listed alphabetically. When a subsidiary term is defined in conjunction with the definition of a more generic term, an alphabetically-listed cross-reference is provided.


ICS-code 01.040.77
Nederlandse titel Standard Terminology Relating to Wear and Erosion
Engelse titel Standard Terminology Relating to Wear and Erosion



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