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Building Constructions (I): E 72 - E 2110

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Volumes 04.11 and 04.12 cover standard procedures for measuring the performance of buildings, including: air leakage and ventilation performance; building economics; building preservation; durability performance of building constructions; structural performance; exterior insulation and finish systems; lead hazards associated with buildings; and performance of roof systems, windows, and doors. Volume 04.12 includes standards that provide any entity, private or public, with the means to design and implement an efficient and cost-effective personal property/equipment management system. These standards encompass the entire life cycle of personal property: property management definitions and terms; establishing the guiding principles of property management; administrative control of property; physical inventory; valuation of inventory results; asset utility; use and disposal; assessment of loss, damage, and destruction; the recognition of impaired or retired personal property; and the life-cycle costing of property assets. Finally, applying the equipment management maturity model provides an excellent measure of the success and value of a system. A closely related standard addresses training and career development for property managers. Volume 04.12 also covers standards on technology and underground utilities. These standards cover rehabilitation of sewers using chemical grouting techniques; seismic fragility of water conveyance systems; deployment of optical fiber systems in natural gas pipelines; and water line rehabilitation.


ICS-code 91.080.01
Nederlandse titel Building Constructions (I): E 72 - E 2110
Engelse titel Building Constructions (I): E 72 - E 2110
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