ASTM-VOL 11-02:2017 en

Water (II)


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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 1688
Commissie Milieukwaliteit
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2017
Taal Engels
Volume 11.02 is divided into 6 sections, and features standards on general specifications, technical resources, and statistical methods. •Organic Constituents--presents general analysis methods and tests for specific constituents and waterborne oils. •Radioactivity--includes measuring radioactivity and specific radionuclides. •Saline and Brackish Waters, Seawaters, and Brines--determines specific constituents such as barium, iodide and bromide, and chloride ions. •Microbiological Examination--examines subjects such as coliphages and adenosine triphoshate (ATP) content. •Water-Formed Deposits--covers chemical microscopy, preparation and preliminary testing of water-formed deposits, and trace element extraction. •Water Treatment Materials--features chemicals, particulate ion-exchange materials, membrane filters, and reverse osmosis devices.


ICS-code 13.060.01
Engelse titel Water (II)



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