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Refractories, Activated Carbon - Advanced Ceramics

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The majority of these standards pertain to refractories. Some establish procedures for assessing the types of refractories, while others are more specific and aimed at the properties of basic refractories, carbon and carbon-ceramic brick, fireclay refractories, insulating firebrick, mortars, plastics, and castables, and silicon refractories. This volume contains standards related to advanced ceramics testing, specifically in the areas of thermal systems including heat engines and heat exchangers; armor; fuel cells; sensors/actuators; electronics; coatings; and catalyst substrates. Most establish tests in the areas of mechanical properties, physical properties, and performance, and ceramic composites. Also included are tests for evaluating the properties of activated carbon such as pH and ball-pan hardness.


Nederlandse titel Refractories, Activated Carbon - Advanced Ceramics
Engelse titel Refractories, Activated Carbon - Advanced Ceramics
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