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Electronic fee collection - Charging performance - Part 2: Examination framework

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Vervoerstelematica
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2017
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CEN-ISO/TS 17444-2 defines the Examination Framework for the measurement of charging performance metrics defined in ISO/TS 17444-1 to be used during Evaluation and/or on-going Monitoring. It specifies a method for the specification and documentation of a Specific Examination Framework which can be used by the responsible entity to evaluate charging performance for a particular information exchange interface or for overall charging performance within a Toll Scheme. It provides a toolbox of Examination Tests for the roles of Toll Charger and Toll Service Provider for the following Scheme types: a) DSRC Discrete; b) Autonomous Discrete; c) Autonomous Continuous. The detailed choice of the set of examination tests to be used depends on the application and the respective context. Compliance with this specification is understood as using the definitions and prescriptions laid out in this document whenever the respective system aspects are subjected to performance measurements, rather than using other definitions and examination methods than the ones specified in this document. The following aspects are outside the scope of this document. - This document does not propose specific numeric performance bounds, or average or worst-case error bounds in percentage or monetary units. Those decisions are left to the Toll Charger (or to agreements between Toll Charger and Service Provider).This document does not consider the evaluation of the expected performance of a system based on modelling and measured data from trial at another place. - This document does not consider the specification of a common reference system which would be required for comparison of performance between systems. - This document defines measurements only on standardized interfaces. Proprietary interfaces are excluded, because it is not possible to define standardized metrics on such system properties. These excluded interfaces are among others the link between Toll Charger RSE and central systems in DSRC systems, and the additional sensor input of GNSS modules (inertial sensors, CAN-bus for wheel ticks, etc.).


ICS-code 03.220.20
Engelse titel Electronic fee collection - Charging performance - Part 2: Examination framework



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