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CEN and CENELEC representation in official meetings

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2016
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In recent years, a number of representatives have been appointed by the CEN/CENELEC Governing Bodies (AGs, CAs, BTs) to represent the interests of CEN/CENELEC in external groups (e.g. the EC Sustainable Transport Forum, eHealth Stakeholders Group) and specific events (e.g. UN/EC, conferences). Given the important role that these representatives play, it is necessary to define their roles and responsibilities and make them aware of the expected commitment, in order to ensure that they: • act in line with the CEN and CENELEC Ambitions to 2020 (and subsequent strategies beyond 2020); • are informed of the policies, priorities and positions of the organizations (CEN, CENELEC or CEN-CENELEC) they represent; • understand the message and priorities to be conveyed; • provide effective and efficient reporting and feedback to the CEN/CENELEC Governing Bodies. To this end, once appointed, the representative is to abide by the stipulations of the guidance document as included in Annex A, which identifies a set of basic practices to be followed to ensure proper coordination, reporting and follow-up. The list of appointed representatives is kept by CCMC. Regular updates will be provided to the CEN/CENELEC Governing Bodies.


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Engelse titel CEN and CENELEC representation in official meetings



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