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Telematica voor wegvervoer en -verkeer - Elektronische tolheffing - Controle van GNSS/CN systemen met betrekking tot DSRC

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Status Concept
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Commissie Vervoerstelematica
This proposed new work item covers the standardisation of an Interoperable Compliance Checking Transaction to be used in autonomous (GNSS/CN) EFC systems as being defined in CEN ISO/TS 17575-1/4 over short range communication media. This standard will define the data structure, semantics and the communication sequence to be read by various interrogators from passing vehicles in a free flow environment. Security requirements will be taken into account. Interrogator means will include fixed equipment, mobile enforcement devices as well as hand held units. To achieve compatibility with existing systems the communication stackwill support whenever reasonable data elements and sequences defined in EN ISO 14906 will be used. The standard will specify the use of the lower layers of the communication stack by defining profiles for existing standards. The supported stacks will include for layer 7 the EN 12834 standard and for layer 1 and 2 the CEN DSRC 5.8 GHz stack as well as IR DSRC based on CALM. Enforcement operators, which are assumed to be part of the Toll Charger role (according to prEN ISO 17573:2007) will be able to answer questions such as the following ones when applying this standard, related to: Authentication of OBU, contract data, driver cooperation obligations, health status of OBU, recent history, possible manipulation of OBU, recent location data and more. This standard will be limited to the communication between an OBU and an interrogator. The deliverable will be a technical specification (TS). The standard will further contain aPICS (protocol implementation conformance statement) proforma and informative transaction examples. A test standard is not included in this work item.


ICS-code 03.220.20
Nederlandse titel Telematica voor wegvervoer en -verkeer - Elektronische tolheffing - Controle van GNSS/CN systemen met betrekking tot DSRC
Engelse titel Road transport and traffic telematics - Electronic fee collection - Compliance checking of GNSS/CN systems over DSRC



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