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Radiostoringskenmerken van hoogspanningslijnen en -apparatuur - Deel 2: Meetmethoden en procedures voor vastgestelde grenzen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2017
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This part of CISPR 18, which is a Technical Report, applies to radio noise from overhead power lines and high-voltage equipment which may cause interference to radio reception. The frequency range covered by this publication is 0,15 MHz to 3 GHz. A general procedure for establishing the limits of the radio noise field from the power lines and equipment is recommended, together with typical values as examples, and methods of measurement. The clause on limits concentrates on the low frequency and medium frequency bands and it is only in these bands where ample evidence, based on established practice, is available. No examples of limits to protect radio reception in the frequency band 30 MHz to 3 GHz have been given, as measuring methods and certain other aspects of the problems in this band have not yet been fully resolved. Site measurements and service experience have shown that levels of noise from power lines at frequencies higher than 300 MHz in normal operation are so low that interference is unlikely to be caused to television reception. The values of limits given as examples are calculated to provide a reasonable degree of protection to the reception of broadcasting at the boundary of the recognized service areas of the appropriate transmitters in the radio frequency bands used for a.m. radio broadcasting, in the least favourable conditions likely to be generally encountered. These limits are intended to provide guidance at the planning stage of the line and national standards or other specifications against which the performance of the line may be checked after construction and during its useful life. The measuring apparatus and methods used for checking compliance with limits should comply with the respective CISPR specifications, as e.g. the basic standards series CISPR 16, see.


ICS-code 33.100.01
Nederlandse titel Radiostoringskenmerken van hoogspanningslijnen en -apparatuur - Deel 2: Meetmethoden en procedures voor vastgestelde grenzen
Engelse titel Radio interference characteristics of overhead power lines and high-voltage equipment - Part 2: Methods of measurement and procedure for determining limits



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