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IC kaartlezer (FINREAD) voor financiƫle transacties - Deel 1: Bedrijfsorganisatorische eisen

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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2004
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The present document identifies the market needs for the FINREAD card reader that is driven by the intention of the participating international institutes of the financial business and within the manufacturing industry. According to the domains and applications, defined within the preceding documents, this document will point out the business requirements, related to the secure use of IC cards issued by the banking industry. In addition to the already existing or known requirements, this specification is open to future developments in the addressed domains as much as possible. For the present CEN Workshop Agreement it is a requirement to provide a specification that is as flexible as possible. This ensures that a FINREAD card reader will be capable of becoming the standard platform for all security related applications in this area. This document, describing the business requirements, is the basis for further documents, dealing with the exact functional and security requirements. Some of the herein requested requirements and mostly all of the security related requirements are contrary to others, especially to those focussing on a low cost IC card reader. To solve this contradiction in an economical way, the part 3 of this CWA;Security requirements will use a risk analysis to point out how the present CEN Workshop Agreement takes this into account.


ICS-code 35.240.15
Nederlandse titel IC kaartlezer (FINREAD) voor financiƫle transacties - Deel 1: Bedrijfsorganisatorische eisen
Engelse titel Financial transactional IC card reader (FINREAD) - Part 1: Business requirements



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