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IC kaartlezer (FINREAD) voor financiële transacties - Deel 5: Bestandsformaat voor downloaden

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A FINREAD card reader is specified as interoperable and vendor independent. This is one of the main targets of the FINREAD project. To reach this target, the FINREAD specification defines a Virtual Machine to enable a hardware independent platform for FINREAD card reader applications (FCRAs / FCRIAs). Nevertheless, there is still the need to distribute and download these applications in a standardised way. In addition, in Part 2 of this CWA;Functional requirements and in Part 3 of this CWA;Security requirements the download of new core software versions is specified. To guarantee the authenticity of a download, each software download is controlled by certificates. To verify the certificates, a FINREAD card reader is delivered with a set of public key certificates. These keys, together with the certificates, can be changed and new keys can be downloaded to an FCR. This document defines the structure of the download files, used to distribute and download new versions of the core software, FCRAs / FCRIAs and also key updates. The download file itself is based on several basic data objects (DOs), used to handle objects like certificates in a common way. The format of the download file and the structure of the DOs shall be recognised by all FINREAD card readers during download, independent of the device type.


ICS-code 35.240.15
Nederlandse titel IC kaartlezer (FINREAD) voor financiële transacties - Deel 5: Bestandsformaat voor downloaden
Engelse titel Financial transactional IC card reader (FINREAD) - Part 5: Download file format
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